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  We assist schools in realizing mathematical rigor!

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New Seminar Overcoming Resistance to Change: A Guide to School Leaders & Coaches covers all content areas!!!!!


Regardless of the point of origination, leaders are able to intentionally and purposefully promote and expand change efforts.


Seminars  are based upon the models offered in our books and are intended to launch the steps for reaching equity in mathematics learning by closing the achievement gap.


While related, and working in conjunction, the models for improvement are different for coaches and leaders since their responsibilities are different.


After the seminar, we are available singly or together for continuing consultation and assistance in implementing the recommended stages of improvement as well as monitoring implementation and progress.

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Don BalkaTed Hull and Ruth Harbin Miles  deliver a one-day seminar on mathematics coaching and a one-day seminar on mathematics leadership. The seminars provide mathematics coaches or leaders with a model for developmentally and sequentially improving mathematics instruction.

Speaking Topics:
•Equity in Mathematics
•Manipulatives in the Mathematics Classroom
•Mathematics and English Language Learners
•Mathematics Coaching
•Mathematics Curriculum
•Mathematics Education
•Mathematics Leadership

MathLeadership Ruth Miles, Ted Hull, Don Balka presenting at National Council of Teachers of Mathemathics 2010

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