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If you have anything at all to do with mathematics leadership in your school or district, this resource is the launch pad for your leadership efforts. It provides the necessary background, gets you started, and will force you to consider 'leadership traps' you may encounter along the way. This book won’t be placed on a shelf—it will be used daily!

—Skip Fennell, Professor, McDaniel College
Past President, National Council of Teachers of Mathematics

With a strong basis in research, this book is a practical guide to transforming mathematics education. Leaders at all levels will find an invaluable resource for their professional libraries.

Jesse Warren, Curriculum Facilitator

South Bend Community School Corporation, IN

A comprehensive and practical guide for mathematics leaders at all levels to improve their leadership skills. The authors include all aspects of leadership including curriculum development, implementation, and alignment; working with classroom teachers to improve practice; and effective professional development and ongoing work to grow as leaders. Based on current research and the vision presented by NCTM and NCSM, this book should be included in the professional library of every educator with responsibility for leadership in mathematics education.

Linda Gojak, Past President

National Council of Supervisors of Mathematics 

Empower mathematics educators and learners to meet and exceed high expectations!

School leaders who are responsible for improving mathematics achievement face tremendous challenges. Written by three noted mathematics educators, this book helps leaders implement a high-quality mathematics program, regardless of the status of their current programs or the availability of resources.

A Guide to Mathematics Leadership presents a process-based approach to improving mathematics instruction based on five principles identified by the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics (NCTM)—equity, curriculum, teaching, learning, and assessment—and four leadership principles from the National Council of Supervisors of Mathematics (NCSM)—equity leadership, teaching and learning leadership, curriculum leadership, and assessment leadership. These principles are applied during the program improvement cycle, which includes:

  • Articulating the curriculum
  • Implementing the curriculum
  • Incorporating effective instructional strategies
  • Providing timely and targeted feedback
  • Establishing professional learning communities
  • Fostering professional development

Filled with practical advice, tips, tools, and resources for each stage of the process, this book guides readers in the next steps to excellence in mathematics instruction and learning.

Any school leader interested in initiating meaningful instruction change at his or her campus or district will find this book is a must read.  (Overcoming Resistance to Change:  A Guide for School Leaders & Coaches) Specific and practical advice abound with real life scenarios in all content areas.  Dr. Tammye TurpinDirector of Instruction ServicesMonroe City School District, LA

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